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Every now and then, a bird makes its way into a home, warehouse, office, or other property. Pigeons and sparrows specifically always seem to find their way into attics and other ceiling structures. After a bird has found its way in, it often starts to nest in the property, leaving behind a mess consisting of food, feces, and general debris.

Of course, birds not only can disturb a property, but a number of other things as well. A number of different situations require bird removal and nest deterrence. For instance a bird or birds may be:

  • Destroying your crops and agriculture

  • Contaminating foods

  • Making unbearable noise in your vicinity

  • Spreading disease

  • Generally causing hazardous living or working conditions

If a group of birds is causing any of these problems for you, it’s recommended that you remove it as soon as possible. If you fear that a group of birds could cause any of these problems for you, precautions can be taken to ensure that they don’t.

How are Birds Removed from a Property?

If a bird is already causing you distress by nesting in your attic, destroying your crops, or making far too much noise, actions can be taken to remove that bird from your general proximity. Due to federal and state laws, birds are typically not allowed to be exterminated. This requires that they are peacefully removed from a situation.

Ideally, you will remove the bird from your premises by trapping it with a net or cage and setting it free somewhere away from your property. However, this is not always possible. Many times, it’s necessary to institute deterrents on your property such as spikes and caulk. These substances will prevent birds from nesting and getting too comfortable.

What can be done to Deter Birds from Nesting in a Property?

The best way to get birds off of your property is to keep them off in the first place. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved, but the two most common and spiking and caulking.

Using spikes as a bird deterrent - By installing small, inches-long spikes on poles, light posts, and other surfaces, you can keep birds from roosting and building nests on those surfaces. This will keep them from getting comfortable, sticking around, and causing a mess.

Using caulk as a bird deterrent - Bird repellent caulk is a sticky substance which can be rubbed onto objects to ensure that birds don’t like the way that they feel when they land. By applying this substance, you are essentially telling birds that your property and objects are not a suitable place to roost or nest.

Banish Birds from Your Property with Logan Square Pest Control

If you live in Chicago or the greater Chicago area and are suffering from a bird problem, we here at Logan Square Pest Control are the people you need to talk to. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians knows exactly what must be done to handle your specific problem.

Whether you’re trying to remove an already existing bird, or are just trying to stave off birds so that they don’t cause any problems, we have you covered. We’ll help you banish all birds so that your home, warehouse, office, or general property can thrive.

Contact Logan Square Pest Control to ensure that your property remains bird-free!

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