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Rodent Removal

Maybe you’ve been hearing scratching noises in your walls? Perhaps you’ve heard the sound of tiny feet scurrying across your ceiling? If so, you might very well be dealing with a rodent of some kind. Mice, rats, and a variety of other rodents are adept at getting into residences, warehouses, and offices in an attempt to secure food and shelter.

Not only do these rodents often carry diseases around with them, they also reproduce rapidly, making your property prone to an entire civilization of furry, scurrying pests. If a rodent has made its way into your property, you need to take action immediately.

How are Rodents Removed from a Premises?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to remove rats, mice, and other rodents from a particular premises. Typically, a combination of traps, poisons, and other devices are used to capture, or kill rodents so that they can stop terrorizing a specific property. Each situation is different and demands different implementations of traps and poisons.

Logan Square Pest Control’s Reliable Rodent Removal and Monitoring Services

Here at Logan Square Pest Control, we are thoroughly experienced in the removal and elimination of mice, rats, and other types of rodents. While each and every situation is different, our team will devise a plan to completely eradicate all rodents from your home, hotel, warehouse, store, or office.

Our rodent removal and monitoring services consist of four primary stages: We:

Inspect your premises to gain knowledge on your particular rodent problem

Identify where rodents are coming and going from on your property

Address your problem by working toward the eradication of all rodents

Monitor the existence of rodents after eradication methods have been put into action

Keep your Chicago area property rodent-free by contacting Logan Square Pest Control today!

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